I figured it might be a good idea to have one place where all the crazy words I use and make up are kept. That way I don’t have to keep defining them in blog posts.


First off, the nicknames. As you will see there are multiple levels of nicknames that I give. At the highest is “Mr.” this are guys that for some reason or another really got under my skin, meant a lot to me, or a hold up on a higher level compared to the rest. Then there are the “Penn Boy” and “Liberty’s”, this are middle of the road guys. Ones that are either new, potentially to get an upgraded nick name or just hung around for a little bit. Finally, there are the “Quarterbacks” and “Ballcap’s” this are most likely trysts or were placed low on the totem pole. Nicknames are to keep things anonymous, but still easy to differentiate.

Alchie: someone who drinks a lot of wine

Canoodle: kissing, cuddling; sex is not involved

Clam Jam: cock-blocking between girl friends; getting in the way of your friend getting laid

Cookout: by far the best fast food restaurant in the South

Cutesy: a girl acting in a cute way; giggling, eye batting, flirting, acting in awe

Doing the dirty: sex…

Ghosting: when a guy disappears; no notice, no text, no let down

Greenie: a guy younger than me; youngin’, baby, child, not a real adult

LTBlift tone burn; Pure Barre lingo

Moscow Mule: one of my drinks of choice; ginger beer, vodka, lime juice

‘O: orgasm, climax, best part of sex

Package: oh you know, the junk, disco stick, Johnson; Penis

Peri: used sometimes as a prefix for at the current time or during

Pilsbury Dough Girl: my saying for myself when I am feeling fat

Playing the field: a jerk, a guy that thinks it’s okay to date multiple women

Pure Barrean awesome workout that is a mix between pilates and dance

Sleezeball: a guy that comes off as a pig, somewhat misogynist

Sloshed: drunk, wasted, inebriated, intoxicated

Talking: texting, getting to know, hanging out

Tryst: one night stand

Wicked: unpleasant or hard-core