Who am I?  I’m a single, like really single, girl living in the Carolinas. Hence the blog name, really I was torn between putting sassy in as well; however, I decided I should put off a good vibe from the get go!  Just now, I started writing “there’s nothing that interesting about me”.  But HA, who am I kidding? There are tons of interesting things about me!  Currently in my mid twenties, working on my grad degree in business, starting a new career path, and working on de-spoiling my dog. Oh ya and sometimes I wear my dorky glasses (which, I am currently wearing right now because I have worn my contacts too many days). You will find out more throughout my blog.

What you need to know? This will all be anonymous… Yea that’s it. You will only ever know me by “M” and all those victims (kidding!) in my blog will only sport initials or quirky nicknames.

What can you expect? Who knows! After another guy ghosting me, a friend suggested I write a blog. Kind of a Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones mash up.  I will never reach the level of writing that the writers behind those characters achieved, but I am hoping that it may be just as funny or comforting to all you single ladies and everyone else in between. Be patient, I am not super blog savvy, so I am learning as I go!