A little consideration…

I sit here waiting, brain fried and bum hurting, for a tree guy to come give me a quote. He is late, offering no consideration for my time and not putting the best foot forward.  I understand being busy, squeezing people into a schedule.  This waiting, this lack of consideration, is a disruption to my life.  Just like the tree that I need taken out… I have a large pine tree precariously planted on a hill, beautiful if you like that look and pine straw all over your yard, that is uprooting itself and continuing to get worse.  Kinda like my dating life. The once solid roots of my optimism to find a man have been eroded over time, causing me to begin to tip and forcing me to hold on.

Eeyore, one of the most beloved characters in literature history, once said: “A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference”.  I love this! What a simple line that can make the difference. There have been so many times that this has played a key role in my feelings toward someone.  Penn Boy, made this quote ring true this past Sunday.

I left you last time on the edge, wondering if Penn Boy would heed my subtle opening for dinner…. He didn’t, so I decided to be more obvious. After texting throughout the day, mostly discussing food cures for his hangover, an idea popped into my mind. Occasionally, I have them!  It was getting close to dinner, and I was getting hungry. I boldly texted him, something clever to the extent of me being hungry as well as distracted and him needing more food so would he want to get some dinner…

YES! I had successfully asked someone out on a date. Wait? Did I just ask him out? Oh crap, oh shit, damnit. What if he didn’t respond? What if he thought I was being overzealous? Luckily, I did not have to worry long. He responded, and the date (can you consider a date if I do the asking?) was on.  I left it up to him to choose a restaurant, and how he responded blew my mind.

Side note: I am a vegetarian, 8 years strong this month.  I have received so many funny questions and responses to my eating choice. People want to know why, how, for what reasons! For me, I don’t wake up every day wanting or needing meat. Confession time…  Recently, drunk M has decided that she needs chicken. Within the last month, I have had 2 chicken sandwiches from #Cookout. Shhh, don’t tell anyone! Honestly, I can’t even remember what they tasted like. I just had a strong urge to get one.

Anyways, back to my story! On the topic of consideration, Penn Boy has it and I was surprised. Before choosing the restaurant he asks me: Can I eat somewhere that the restaurant cooks my food where meat has been cooked, and will it upset my stomach?  Umm what…… No guy, heck no person, has ever been that considerate when discussing restaurant choices. He ended up choosing one of my favorite restaurants, ironically the same one that Liberty and I had our first date at. It was set, and I had to get ready!

I zoomed in and out of the shower, put make-up on, and had just enough time to meet my friends A & J, for drinks before. Every girl needs a little pep talk from her girls before a first date! Champagne, check! Pep talk, check! Joking that I should have my date where A & J were eating, check! Now onto the date.

I arrived fashionably late, which to me is a couple of minutes. He had a table, and I quickly found him and sat down.  As I am telling this, something little occurred to me, Penn Boy did not stand up when I got to the table… Thoughts? Too old school thinking? Anyways, immediately our conversation flows about life, school, work, and random musings.  There were very few awkward silences.  What did I learn? He has a very dry humor, he is extremely intelligent (like holy shit, I just tried to keep up), doesn’t define himself by the military, wrestled, has crazy liberal siblings, potentially not the best childhood, and definitely into politics.  As Penn Boy continued to talk, I had this eerie familiar feeling. He reminded me of someone, but who did he remind me of?  Then it hit me, Penn Boy reminded me so much of my dad. He even told me that he was reading a book my dad had recently given me to read, that is still sitting on my book shelf (really, you think I have time in between two grad school classes and licensing to read).  This fact, surprisingly, did not bother me.

All of a sudden, something catches my eye butterfly, I see A walking past towards the bathroom. I giggle inside my head, trying to keep my attention on Penn Boy. I should have guessed they would show up.  Even funnier because of, again Liberty, my last first date at this restaurant. Then a couple minutes later, J walks by. Can I say how much I love my friends!

How were things left you ask?After two hours, Penn Boy and I made our way outside; leftovers in hand and conversation continuing.  He said it was great meeting me and having a good conversation.  Said that he was about to get busy with work, but we should do it again.  Exciting, nerve wracking, and considerate. Oh, and I forgot to mention he did pay for dinner as all men should.  Later that night I sent a text, just one, saying that I had fun getting to know him and hope we could do it again soon. His response: Yes definitely! Goodnight

I of course, have yet to hear from him. But you know what? That is okay! I am not texting or pursuing. He said he was going to get busy (yes of course I checked that out with my friends’ husband, who reassured me).  He has my number, if he wants to hang out again he can ask me. I am testing a new strategy in “talking” to guys. We shall see if it works, and if Penn Boy is considerate enough to ask me out this time!

I hate to say it, but I have to go… Thai food is calling my name, and I must get back to studying. Until next time…





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