Cautiously Optimistic

Today is the day… I am taking my first examination (out of four) for my new career path. How am I feeling? Stressed, scared, nervous, brain dead! I have done the required study hours, taken the practice tests over and over, as well as read through the material. So I can honestly say, I am cautiously optimistic. I have to drive an hour and a half to go to the testing center, so I am taking a break to hang out with y’all before I have to leave ūüôā

The other day I received the email reminding me that taxes are upon us and to remember to use #TurboTax again this year. ¬†Every year this reminds me of a guy, of course, we shall call him Liberty. ¬†You can ask any single girl this day in age, and I am sure she will admit to having used #Tinder at some point in her life. ¬†So, I admit I have used it. I’ve been on it, off it, re-did it, disabled it, re-enabled it, cursed it, prayed to it, begged it… Basically, I’ve been on and off that trash many times. ¬†Every time, trying to come up with a better/classier/smarter/hoochier way to present myself; honestly, it’s good practice in marketing (wonder what my MBA professors would think of that!). ¬†For those of you that don’t understand #Tinder it is easy. Originally it was started as a same-gender¬†hook up app, then it ventured into same sex, then into this idea that it was actually for dating. HA I don’t know a single person that has remained in a relationship that started with #Tinder which should not be surprising. It is the crummy dive bar of the dating app world! #Tinder allows for all inhibitions to be removed because you are not face to face with someone, you’re trolling some phone app, judging to swipe right or left by a handful of pictures and 500 words. And people, I, wonder how so many people are cheating/divorced/still single at this point in society?

I swiped right on Liberty a couple years ago, in the beginning of one warm December (it’s the South, our winters are warm and I like it that way). ¬†We started chatting on the app and immediately hit it off. He was in town for the tax season and possibly beyond, working for a tax company (get it now?). He asked me on a date and told me to pick the place. ¬†A new restaurant had just opened that I loved, Asian food YUMMY! Date night came, and I get a message on the app from him asking if he was in the correct place…. Turns out he wasn’t, he had gone to the same restaurant in another town (an hour away).

Great, that was the end of that guy; dating optimism hit with another blow…. At least that’s what I thought. To my surprise, he apologized and asked if we could meet at the correct one a little later that night. Of course I said yes and my mindset went back to being cautiously optimistic. Why cautiously you ask? You always have to remain cautious when going on a first date.

I met up with a friend, since I had extra time. My nerves were going crazy, oh the younger days, and I was freaking out! I took action, and asked my friend to basically spy on my date (this later became a joke between us, I even had a dream about her being at my house when I had a guy over). I paid for her and another friend to eat dinner at the same place, that way if I need rescuing they were there. Or if he was an ax murderer they would at least know what he looks like.

The date went so well, we never stopped talking. We had things in common, he was cute, adventurous, tall, and younger…. Ahhh the damn greenie issue again! ¬†That was before my rules, that was when I was idealistic and thought men could be grown ups as well as mature. He told me about his company, how he got into it, he partially owned the ones that here in my town. I was impressed, to say the least, and a little jealous. A greenie that was having such success in life at such a young age, well they are a rare find!

It was the middle of the week, a Wednesday I think, and we closed down the restaurant.  Our conversation continued into the parking lot, chatting and planning when we would see each other next.  I was leaving town to go to my parents for Christmas, and Liberty made sure to plan to see me before I left.

I drove off, cautiously optimistic that I had met someone that I could see myself dating. I enjoyed the couple hours of our date, and he obviously liked me enough to drive back and forth to the wrong restaurant, only to still want to meet me.

I hate to say it, but I have to go… Wish me luck! I am cautiously optimistic that I can and will pass this first exam, then on to the next one, as well as another blog.¬†Until next time…





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