No cherry on top of this sundae

Right now, I wish I was laying face first on my bed. What a long day! Babysitting (side job as I am currently working on a new career path), dog park with the dog, bought a new chair for an empty corner in my living room, and then Pure Barre.  After LTBing, all I wanted was some good looking sushi and a nice full glass of red wine… Well the sushi at Lowe’s was not doing it for me. Then after finally throwing together some food, I grab my wine glass (with a grin from ear to ear) and begin pouring #ZenofZin, which I have been looking forward to all day, into my glass.  Well no cherry on top of this non-stop day, I am not exaggerating there were two gulps left.  Who does that? Who leaves two gulps in a bottle?  Obviously I do!  But don’t fret, I have some white wine open that I can switch over to, can you say #alchie.

Now on to why you’re really here, hmm where was I? Oh ya, Mr. Z and the excellent make out.  As always, the night has to come to an end (we won’t mention that it was somewhere around last call) and my friend decided she was heading home, so she offered me a ride.  I decided that the interaction between Mr. Z and I needed to continue at my house, so I invited him along.  Once we reached the car, an all out war ensued over her refusing to take Mr. Z home with me.  Me being drunk, I was not doing a very good job of convincing her.  Simple solution, a taxi; it was easy, and admittedly was my plan from the beginning of the night.  After tripping our way into another bar to call a cab, we continued drinking while we waited… And making out, see common occurrence.  

Finally our chariot arrived, HA mini-van is more like it.  Giving my address, we were whisked away, sitting comfortably close in the back.  All of a sudden, the driver gets another call to pick up girls from the bar we had spent our evening in.  Feeling especially nice, not sure if it was the alcohol or Mr Z, I told the driver he could pick up the girls before taking us.  In step this two blonde imbeciles, whom we had been sitting next to earlier, clearly upset about something.  As we drove, their conversation became clear.  Being single, they were whining about not catching a man and how their lives are over; to make matters worse, they were younger than me!  Encouraged by the drink, I sit my ass straight up and begin berating them about how life isn’t over and they need to stop whining.  To say the least, Mr. Z found it comical.  We arrived at the blondes house and I brusquely told them to get out, I would pay for their fare as long as I didn’t have to hear anymore of their whining.

Fast forward, I was getting a little bored myself reading this too! Home sweet home, comfy clothes, bottle of wine, and Mr. Z on my couch.  I was in the moment, playing it up, flirting, acting cutesy (why the fuck do we girls do cutesy, do men actually find it cute?).  Our conversation flowed, we talked about everything and there were no boundaries.  I quickly learned that he had no desire for anymore kids or to be married.  Rewind, he has a sixteen year old and three year old and two alimonies (I can pick them right?).  For someone that is ten years older than me, I can completely understand that sentiment.  Me, I love kids and I grew up planning my wedding.  Me now? My parents kinda fucked my view of marriage, as well as society, and well I am still not sure about kids.  What I really want? A real relationship, one where honesty exists and I always enjoy my significant others company. I even told him this, maybe too soon?

The drinking continued, with an intermission of me popping a glitter bomb in Mr. Z’s face in my kitchen (still tonight I am finding glitter in my house).  As the conversation and kissing continued, I became more and more inviting (according to Mr. Z the next morning).  I wanted it, and I wanted it bad.  

I have to interject here, I love my friends and I know what they do is only to protect and support me.  None of them want to see my “Missing” profile on a bottle of wine, I mean milk carton. I love all of them and appreciate their concern; however, don’t get in the way of this girl getting laid.

 Finally…. It comes out that Mr. Z promised my friend (during the ride home discussion), that he would not sleep with me.  Did your mouth just drop? Ya, mine did too! That bitch (I mean that in the kindest way possible) took the cherry off my damn sundae and crushed it! I have never in my life been cock-blocked by a friend (yes guys, girls can cock-block each other too; after some google searching, for women it is called clam jam/box block/cliterference).  To say the least, I was pissy.  All of my inviting-ness, and the result is cuddling and sleeping?!?!  Okay, I have to be honest; clothes were not involved, kissing him was amazing, and spooning with someone really gives me a high.

I hate to say it, but I have to go.  The white wine is calling my name, as well as a shower because I smell bad! I promise, you will hear the remainder of Mr. Z’s story tomorrow. It would be extremely rude and boring to draw it out any longer! Until next time…



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